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Ben Affleck as Shannon
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Jason Lee as Brodie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin6942 7 / 10

My Ultimate in Pubescent Guilty Pleasures

After being dumped by their girlfriends, T.S. Quint(Jeremy London) and Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee) go to the mall to keep their minds off the situation. Soon, however, thoughts turn to getting their ladies back and the dynamic duo will have to fight mall security, a fashionable male (Ben Affleck) and a game show producer (Michael Rooker) in order to succeed.

Writing a fair review of "Mallrats" is one of the hardest things for me to do, and it is no surprise that I have not done so in all the years I have been writing reviews. The film came out when I was fourteen, and I went to see it with my cousin at the local mall after a rousing bus trip. We had seen the ambiguous advertisements in the back of comic books for months and just knew this was something we had to see. Once in the theater, we were practically alone -- there were only three other people, including a younger woman and her grandmother, both of whom walked out early on.

For whatever reason, I identified with this film. I had not yet seen "Clerks" and I did not have the background in film to really understand all the references to "Jaws" or "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" or "Apocalypse Now". But the potty humor mixed with the intelligent dialogue (even about scatological topics) hit home with me, and even now -- seventeen years later -- it remains my favorite film, despite my knowing full well it is not critically wonderful and often sexually crude.

I have given the film a high rating because I simply cannot get enough of it. I have the trading cards that were sold at the time, I have visited the Eden Prairie Center where the movie was filmed (it is in Minnesota, not New jersey, strangely enough). But, I want to stress this: my high rating does not by any means indicate this is a critically beautiful film. Read the reviews of the professionals at the time (Ebert, Maltin, and others) and you will see that it was more or less expected to bomb (although I think in hindsight many more people found the film to their liking).

Are there flaws? You bet. Watch Jeremy London, for example. A horrible, horrible actor. Even with these odd, scripted conversations he comes off as forced, and if you watch him while another actor is speaking, you can see him physically preparing himself to speak his lines. He cannot become the character of T.S. Quint, he can only be Jeremy London. Shannon Doherty, likewise, just does not seem to hack it... she is a better actress than many, but this film just did not work for her. She comes off as a reject from "Empire Records", and some lines she delivers make it seem she is not familiar with the subject matter.

Despite the flaws, I am still praising this film. Watch "Clerks" first (even though this one takes place first in chronological order). If you like "Clerks", try this one. Then try "Chasing Amy". All three are great. Personally, I think Kevin Smith's films went downhill after that (although "Red State" is redeeming). He may disagree and I know many of the fans do. But if you do not mind intelligent potty humor, "Mallrats" is for you.

Reviewed by jellopuke 7 / 10

Holds up better and worse than I expected

After having not watched this since the 90's, I gave it another shot recently. My opinion of Kevin Smith has totally flip flopped since those days in that now I despise him. All of the terrible trends of his movies are here including awful dialogue (in parts), awful acting (in parts), misplaced attempts at pathos, aimlessness, over-reliance on his personal obsessions, etc. But colour me surprised to say that some of this movie still works. Jason Lee specifically. Jeremy London and Claire Forlani are awful, but you can blame the dialogue there. Despite the hackneyed plot, Jason Lee holds this together and there are a few solid laughs scattered throughout. Because he wasn't trying to go all sentimental (for the most part) this movie holds up better. Now on to Chasing Amy.

Reviewed by MaximumMadness 7 / 10

"Mallrats"- Kevin Smith's sophomore effort never quite comes together, but supplies just enough chuckles to keep you invested. A charming and mindless bit of fun.

Critically maligned and met with an overwhelmingly apathetic reception from audiences, Kevin Smith's sophomore effort "Mallrats" went down as a major studio blunder back in 1995, bombing at the box office and being largely ignored by the masses. It came and went, fizzling out before it even got going. It wasn't until years later that the film finally grew a fairly dedicated and loving fan-base thanks to its success on the rental market and through DVD sales, as more and more fans of Smith went back and gave it the fair chance it never got in theaters. While it is still considered something of an enigma in the grand scheme of Smith's "View Askew" movie franchise, to which this serves as the second chapter, it is nice to see that the movie has finally been accepted and found its audience. Because while it never quite comes together as a cohesive whole, "Mallrats" is still nonetheless a charming and frequently entertaining little film.

Set one day before Smith's breakout hit "Clerks," "Mallrats" follows the duo of T.S. Quint (Jeremy London) and his slacker best-friend Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee), as they spend the day at the local mall to get over their respective breakups with girlfriends Brandi (Claire Forlani) and Rene. (Shannen Doherty) When T.S. learns that Brandi is going to take part in a live-broadcast for a new dating game-show at the mall to appease her overbearing father (Michael Rooker), the two friends set out to sabotage it and try to win back their girls at any cost- including enlisting the wild stoner duo of Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (director Smith)... All the while, they must also dodge the dreaded security guard LaFours (Sven-Ole Thorsen), contend with the opportunistic and kinky bully Shannon (Ben Affleck), and spend time chatting with friends and fellow mall-goers including Gwen (Joey Lauren Adams) and Tricia. (Renee Humphrey)

"Mallrats" has also been a fascinating film when placed in the context of Smith's career, especially when you know more about the unique production and its initial release. The movie was produced by the late James Jacks, whom had frequently said that "Mallrats" was the most fun he's ever had on a movie. It was going to be Smith's big break in mainstream filmmaking, and a calling card for his abilities, mixing in the clever and sharp dialog and indie sensibilities he displayed in "Clerks" with a higher-budget concept and humor that aimed to be a bit more mainstream. But the film was butchered in editing for timing and pacing reasons, and the publicity was suspect at best, leading to disaster upon release.

And that's a shame, because there is quite a bit to enjoy here. Smith might be aiming for a more mainstream release, but the film is still punctuated by bursts of his trademark clever writing and sharp observational humor, which gives it a good hint of that Kevin Smith flavor that his fans adore. The characters are all typically written as very likable and you have a great deal of fun following them. And Brodie Bruce is definitely a classic Smith character, spouting one-liners and sarcastic quips that audiences will eat up. The set-pieces can also be quite nice, and it's a lot of fun seeing Smith with more money and resources at his disposal. It might not be a perfect film, and the more ambitious scenes sometimes feel a tad bit forced and poorly thought out, but it's entertaining at very least and will definitely supply just enough chuckles and giggles to keep open-minded audiences invested.

I was also quite taken by several of the performances. Particularly Jason Lee in one of his earliest roles. Lee lights up the screen and does a fantastic job, showing hints of the incredible work that would follow in the years after release. Affleck and Doherty are also quite a bit of fun as their respective characters, with Affleck in particular being the sort-of slimy scumbag you'll just love to hate. And I also gotta give a special shout-out to Joey Lauren Adams and Renee Humphrey. While their roles are minimal and they each only have a small handful of scenes, both steal the show whenever they're on screen and are a blast and a half. Unfortunately, London and Forlani suffer and come across as a bit too dry on screen. They lack interest or depth and feel like they were inserted to be the "straight men" to the more comedic characters.

I also do have to say that the film doesn't quite come together as well as most of Smith's other works, and it stands out as the oddball of the "View Askewniverse." The movie tries to find a balance between clashing styles, and it sometimes feels contrived and inorganic. You can't go from clever and contemplative one scene to seeing a mall Easter- Bunny being comically beaten up into the next scene without some transition... It goes from stylistically from "Clerks" to "Three Stooges" and back more than once, and it never quite flows. In addition, references feel far too dated and shoehorned into the narrative, and the movie's occasional attempts at inserting "cartoon logic" into the mix come across as completely baffling. It's just... sloppy compared to what came before and after for Smith and his cohorts. You can also really tell when scenes have been cut or trimmed, and the movie feels incomplete. (Thankfully though, this issue was eventually fixed with the release of an extended cut.)

Still, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the heck out of "Mallrats." It's kitschy, dated 90's cheese that doesn't quite work. But it's got enough laughs and enough jokes and enough likable characters for me to forgive its more obvious faults. And so, I give "Mallrats" a pretty decent 7 out of 10. Definitely worth seeing for fans of director Kevin Smith.

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