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Nicholas Hoult as Martin Hallock
Courtney Eaton as Blake Beeson
Laia Costa as Gabi Silva
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by accazetta 9 / 10

I created an account here just so I could say 6.4 is not fair to this film

This film isn't for everybody. If you are a millennial, or maybe older but open minded, or if you are just empathic enough, you will understand the feelings this film aims to pass. It's not about the characters promiscuity or dating apps relationships, it's about doubt and excitement and fear of loosing freedom, and that moment when you meet someone new and you are talking, flirting, it's very exciting, you are having a really good time and THEN if you decide to take one step forward, you have to face the baggage that person carries. Past, exes, fears, traumas.

That's something the older generations don't get, because back in time people used to date less and get married sooner. But for millennials, that's very relatable. People have dated other people, some times many other people. People have had sex with other people too. People have met other people's families - I could go on but you all already got it - and we have to deal with it. So that's why not everybody will understand.

I'm young and getting married soon. The story made me think a lot. I'm very sure of my decision on spending the rest of my life with my partner. Even knowing it's going to get boring eventually. Then we will figure it out. I'd never do what the characters do because I have different principles, but I totally understand their feelings.

Now, going back to the film. The actors were convincing. The way it was filmed was also particular. The camera wasn't steady, maybe purposefully to make it look like the videos we're used to see in social medias. Again, very close to younger generations. And about the end, I saw some people saying they don't like it, but this movie isn't about the end, it's about what they went through to get there. I wouldn't change a thing.

In my opinion, 6.4 doesn't do justice to this film, but, again, I can imagine people with different visions about life and relationships watching it and not getting it.

Reviewed by constanza-nm 5 / 10

I wanted to like it. I really did

I'm at some level upset with this film and I need to express those feelings. I'm a huge fan of Like Crazy, it's been years and it remains as one of my favorite films. It really made an impression on me, particularly the ending. It was beautifully shot. The music, the cinematography, the acting. And that is exactly why I can say Newness would not become in one of my favorites. The final scene is unfortunate. It really takes away all the impact of the film. And is sad, and upsetting because it could have been way greater. It's an interesting and appealing story, with great and realistic performances, but the execution somehow is off at that particular moment. The end. Something so important in any movie.

This is a story about modern love and passion. The dating app plays a role, of course, but I think is more about the disconnection that we have with one another. They don't know each other, neither really bother to do it. We could say that's a consequence of meeting trough a dating app, but is it really? Datings apps, meeting people online, going on dates with strangers maybe is the response to not wanting to share and invest quality time with others, not the result. They move fast, they don't really think about it. It's a reflection of the fear of being lonely and the incompatibility of commitment. More important I think is a great example of the lack of honesty, not just to each other, but to themselves. The lack of a sincere connection and true intimacy. I was excited by this. It seems so real, so relatable at some level. But it failed to impress me because the ending doesn't make any sense. I like them both, however, there wasn't anything in this story that made me believe that they truly belong together, quite the opposite. It's not that they are wrong for each other, it's that they shouldn't be part of something that they don't even understand. It's just another cliché. It strips away all the unsurfaced meaning of it.

Reviewed by synnove_hjellvik 10 / 10

Anazing modern time love-story

I just watched this movvie and throughout the whole movie i could feel and relate to all the things happening. It is amazing in the way that it really is different from normal-"Hollywood" movies which we have seen so many times before. I love this movie and it is really taking the number one spot for my favorite movie.

The movie also made me realise that it is okay to get into fights, but the important part is to work through it and stick together.

I cant say how much i love this movie. I am so thankful for stumbling over it.

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