On the Border


Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 516

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Casper Van Dien as Jake Barnes
Bryan Brown as Barry Montana
John Bishop as Phil
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frank-1132 4 / 10

The sum is much, much less than the total of its parts.

My tolerance for shlocky direction was overwhelmed by some of the choices in this could-be-really-good time-waster.

When the "romantic" intervals were of a nature to take me out of the story and into "How-and-why-did-the-movie-maker-do-/that/?" mode, you got to figure something is missing in there; restraint and tastefulness, I think.

Brian Brown is a capable, empathetic actor - usually. I think he didn't like the project or the people, and it shows. I don't remember anything the other guy did. Can't even picture his face.

On the other hand, it doesn't have to be any good to be entertaining; some of the vignettes and twists are fun and even ingenious.

I watched this movie ($2.00 purchase at the vid rental place) against the advice of the screenwriter; I understand he was tempted to remove his name from the credits. Matter of pride, I bet.

Reviewed by tpendleton 5 / 10

Mixed feelings

I had mixed feelings about this movie. It started off slowly and I almost quit watching. But after the first 30 minutes, the plot became a little more clear and the movie improved. Still, the acting was not very good. I had some trouble making out the dialogue. And the "love scenes" bordered on porn. Interesting ending. Men will like this movie better than women. It's definitely a guys' flick.

Reviewed by coyote1 10 / 10

An enjoyably moody, though ultimately flawed, action drama.

This film starts out with all the moody promise of a great contemporary noir Western - after the ill-conceived opening flashback sequence anyway. The scenery is beautifully desolate, the characters achingly isolated. While some of the acting is less than believable, the plot ultimately delivers enough tension and twists to make this movie worth a look.

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