Ouija House


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3 10 872

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Tara Reid as Young Katherine
Mischa Barton as Samantha
Dee Wallace as Katherine
Carly Schroeder as Laurie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shaneandamy-19629 2 / 10

The choking on the rock was hysterical

Ok. Let's be real. There are way worse horror movies than this. If you have amazon prime believe me there are tons worse than this. This movie was bad and stupid though. I admit. But, I burst out laughing when the girl that decided to be a human ouija board started to choke on the rock. You can't weeze if your truly choking to death and watching them lay her down to do cpr with the rock still lodged. I'm sorry it was just too funny. Two stars for comedy

Reviewed by Platypuschow 2 / 10

Ouija House: The absolute pits

2018 really has turned out to be one of the worst years in cinema history, at time of writing I believe it's about the 5th worst on my accounts analytics. Movies like Ouija House certainly aren't helping to rectify this.

Now when the opening credits kicked in I actually managed a little bit of a hope. Among the credits were horror veterans Dee Wallace and Tiffany Shepis alongside Tara "Oh Dear" Reid, Mischa Barton and Chris Mulkey. Little did I realise however that they range from small roles to mere cameo appearances so don't go in for the cast!

It's yet another ouija film but with a twist, and the twist is terrible. Not only does it bring nothing to the sub-genre but it made this movie barely followable and entirely unlikeable.

With the confusing poorly constructed plot, the questionable cast advertised and a front cover that displays a house that isn't even in the movie it's clear that little thought or effort went into Ouija House.

It was truly a chore to watch.

The Good:

It's nice seeing Mischa Barton looking healthy for a change

The Bad:

Another random clipart house on the cover

Tiffany Shepis is wasted

Some parts of the story are alarmingly stupid

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

General rule of thumb, if a movie has Ouija in it's title.....skip it

Tara Reid's career is in such a consistent spiral I'm just waiting for her to be in a new Baby Geniuses movie

Reviewed by moealsharif 1 / 10

This movie simply defines the word stupid.

Why would a possessed human Ouija puck have to ridiculously crack its neck and scream every time it runs to a letter? Because they had to end this big ass waste of time on that cheesy note. P AAaaAAAaaahhhhhhhhh

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