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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 24%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 6 10 33408

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Anna Faris as Kate
Eva Longoria as Theresa
Mel Rodriguez as Bobby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clsteven 10 / 10

Don't understand the hate

Seems like all the other commenters haven't actually seen this movie and are just upset that it's a remake. Yes, it's a remake, but it's its own movie, too.

As someone who HAS seen this (and loves the original), I thought it stood on its own, differentiated itself nicely from the original while also updating the story in a way that feels timely and fresh. I also found it surprisingly funny, sweet, heartfelt, and utterly enjoyable. A great change of pace from all the cynical, mean-spirited comedies these days and endless parade of Marvel movies.

Reviewed by coolkid-12184 1 / 10

As much as I love Anna Faris (I always adored here), I had to turn this movie off after abuut 35 minutes into the movie.

I am sorry, but this movie was very painful to watch.

I thought it was so ridiculously stupid.

I assume that it is meant to be a Comedy, but I did not find it to be funny in the least.

I guess that maybe I should not judge a movie, without watching the entire thing, but after about the 35 minute mark of watching this movie, I could not take any more of it, and I had to turn it off.

This movie is an insult to the original (in my opinion), which I dearly love so much.

I have seen the original more times then I can count, and I will never get tired of watching it.

If you are a fan of the Original, then please honor it by skipping this horrible excuse for a remake.

I never thought that I would ever turn off an Anna Faris movie (because love her so much), but this movie was just really stupid, in my opinion, and an insult to the Original.

Reviewed by Corlissa0994 3 / 10

Not sure which scares me more.....

I don't usually roast movies. This movie however actually made me angry, so I have to write a review. I am going to begin with the fact that I wanted to give this a 2, but decided to give it a 3 because I know I am biased as the original Overboard holds a special place in my heart.

First off, this script was incredibly lazy. If you are going to do a remake and change or update the story, you should probably not randomly quote the original script word for word in some parts and not others.

The only person giving an acting performance was Eugenio and he must have caught on to that because his was far too over the top. Anna Farris appeared to be a second grade doppelganger of herself that seemed to have some weird work to her face and her voice seemed to drop 3 octaves. She was painful to watch with her lethargic delivery.

Then you have the two main characters with no chemistry whatsoever. Not only do they have nothing in common in any aspect of life, but he looked like he was 60 and she was maybe 38.

He was supposedly an rich playboy (Unconvincingly) and she a struggling single mom. She goes to clean his "yacht" and ends up in a confrontation to where she falls overboard and he throws out her expensive equipment after her. This scene was ridiculous and completely unbelievable.

He gets drunk one night falls overboard and gets amnesia. She and her friend decide she should pick him up and convince him he was her husband so she could use him for extra help around the house/extra income. Sorry. There is no way a sane mother of 3 young daughters would entertain a the idea of bringing a strange man into her home.

From there is just a plethora of moldy cheese scenes of him slowly becoming humble and falling in love with Anna and her daughters. Supposedly Anna is falling for him too, but you would never know because she bowed out of doing any acting in this movie.

You get to the climatic finish where he gets his memory back, leaves, but then they all realize they love each other so decide to stay together as a family. He then gives up his millions of dollars for the family. (NO WAY- by the way) He and Anna could barely make it through a loving gaze more or less actually sleeping together. Not a chance he would pick them over the money.

Every person involved with this movie should donate every dollar they received to charity as they didn't earn or deserve one penny.

Which brings me back to my original review title- I don't know which scares me more. The fact that there are that many people out there that really liked this piece of garbage. Or that this is what Hollywood has become. The only thing I hope comes from this pathetic mess is that people get re-inspired to watch/rent/buy the original because it is far far superior.

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