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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrismackey1972 3 / 10

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I gave this a 3-star rating. I was not impressed by this. The acting was fair, certainly nothing great. The storyline was silly. It was slightly reminiscent of I Still Know What You Did Last Summer if that movie was really, really boring with lamer characters than it actually had. There was nothing inspiring about the death scenes at all - no gore at all. The "scares" if you can call them that were not scary. 64 minutes in, there's a special effect of a ghost in the window, which is truly pathetic. Seriously, a boring movie. I do not recommend. I apologize for the review being so boring, but it's an honest reflection of the boring movie I reviewed.

Reviewed by nebk 1 / 10

The Bad Movie Island

I didn't have high expectations of this movie and yet it was even poorer than expected. The so-called paranormal island is a place in a middle of some lake where people gather to drink and party. But after midnight bad things start to happen and people go missing. This is supposedly due to the presence of the "caretaker" a ghost of a man who committed suicide in 1927 after he lost his bar to a competitor in a poker game on the same island. The funniest and also saddest thing and the first noticeable error is the fact that the guy who lost and then committed suicide actually had the winning hand (a flush) and he lost to a straight held by the guy who beat him. If you are writing a movie or a story how difficult is it to do some basic research on poker-hand rankings on the Internet and at least get that right.

Fast forward to 2014 and a bunch of friends are going there to work as bartenders and waitresses as the island has basically become a party-goers paradise. One of the friends is trying to disprove the existence of the paranormal for his thesis by filming the lack of any paranormal activity. Predictably, they end up on the island after midnight and are soon being chased by something even though they were warned to leave as soon as their shift was done.

Overall this film has poor acting, a terrible story, bad effects and a weak music score. It doesn't make much sense and who ever wrote it couldn't even research something as basic or simple as poker hand rankings. As such it deserves no better than 1/10. Just awful.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10

Paranormal dullness

'Paranormal Island' didn't have a bad idea. Not a novel one, but it sounded creepy and cool and deserved execution that would match that. Lance Henriksen has been in a lot of bad films but, regardless of how well he's used or not, he can be one of the least bad assets of them.

Sadly, 'Paranormal Island's' interesting idea was executed pretty poorly and the problems are apparent straightaway, this is not one of those promising opening sequence films unfortunately. The asset that comes off least badly is the acting, which on the most part considering the material is not bad. That is with the exceptions of agreed Ben Elliott and Tony Valle, both downright awful in disastrously written (in every sense of the word, elaborating would be pointless as one wouldn't know where to begin) roles, especially Valle.

Briana Evigan in particular is an agreeable lead and Henriksen does his best with far too little to do, there is a demeanour about him that makes him interesting to watch. While the characters were not particularly interesting ones, they aren't annoying either or do things that makes one frustrated by them. The scenery has some nice atmosphere.

However, the production values, scenery apart, don't impress. The special effects are especially pathetic, have not in a while seen cheaper-looking paranormal effects, and any promise that the opening scene could have had is completely ruined by being shot in so amateurish a way it makes one physically ill. The photography and editing in general are not good, but not to the same extent as with the opening. The music at best is forgettable, not exactly intrusive or obvious as such but it adds very little to what's going on and is pretty dull.

Dull is the best way to describe the story (especially in the middle which grinds to a halt), with nothing tense, suspenseful, surprising or scary. It's also very silly, sometimes to a ridiculous degree, doesn't always make sense with too many things left vague and nothing unsettles or surprises.

The dialogue is awkward and tends to ramble and the pace and characters are even more lifeless often than the villain. For all the actors' best efforts, the characters are underdeveloped and bland.

Overall, pretty poor. 3/10 Bethany Cox

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