Suburban Gothic


Action / Comedy / Horror / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 3696

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Kat Dennings as Becca
Jessica Camacho as Noelle
Ray Santiago as Alberto
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ashley Deinken (magicaldeinken-85292) 7 / 10

Fun, Spooky, but a bit inappropriate

I enjoyed the camera work and color, the story was fun but had a deeper meaning too. I loved that it was kinda comedy/horror but it was just fun spookiness rather than horror. I will definitely watch it whenever Halloween comes around. I enjoyed the movie, but I feel that there was a lot of sexual jokes and swearing. Which is fine, but in my opinion they should have used less sex jokes and saying "fuck" every other sentence.

Reviewed by fionapph 10 / 10

Loved It

I love the understatement of the whole thing. It's almost as if the writers are turning Goth on its head. The suburban banality is what keeps you hooked in. The deadpan irony and the gags are terrific, the dialogue is laugh-a-minute, thanks to awesome writing and marvellous delivery from the actors. Sound track is great, the set-ups are fun. It's absolutely my sort of movie. I love the comedy of it. There's enough drama to carry the story apart from the Gothic element and the characters are believable. I like the pacing. It's also clever because it deals with a very contemporary issue of unemployed youngsters not leaving home, but in an original way. I'd love to know what premise the writers started with. The oxymoron of Suburban Gothic is the key to it. I mean, no crypts? No black eyeliner? And we get jump scares too.

Reviewed by Jeanne Francoise 6 / 10

Gubler and Wise as one family to fight ghost

Matthew Gray Gubler and Ray Wise are definitely good actors of drama-comedy. They are the core characters in this movie, because all plots are related to their broken relationship as father (Wise as Donald) and son (Gubler as Raymond). The movie begins of ordinary days of Raymond that comes back to his hometwon at the village to meet his parents and to find job. While killing his time, this story is developed by the discovery of an old coffin with the dead body girl inside at Raymond parents backyard by one of his father's Mexican workers. Ordinary days of Raymond becomes extraordinary and makes him fighting in arguments with his dad because Donald doesn't believe in supranatural things. For me, the movie plot is too simple whereas there are Gubler and Wise, so that the director should have taken them seriously with serious effects to show the audience about supranatural case. The ghost appearance is banal, just in dark wind, and there are some useless scenes. Remember, there are Gubler and Wise in this movie, so I expect the really ambiance of suburban Gothic, not just suburban family matters. Need improvement on the next movie!

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