Take Me Home Tonight


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 50890

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Chris Pratt as Kyle Masterson
Teresa Palmer as Tori Frederking
Anna Faris as Wendy Franklin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by srdjan_veljkovic 8 / 10

If you were not a teenager in 1980s, you won't get this comedy

What's great about this comedy is a very specific feel of nostalgia for the 1980s, which is not forced, or cheeky. It has more of a time-machine like feel to it. Yeah, those were the 1980s, with dance-offs, hairstyles, the guy playing the guitar on the outskirts of the party, everybody "not sure what to do after school/college"... and Angie Everhart (OK, she's more like early 1990s, but, it's the same general period).

But, most of all, it's the music. It's like the greatest hits compilation, but of hits that blend well with the story.

Even some on-the-face-of-it silly choices, like all main actors except Theresa Palmer playing barely-post-teenagers in their mid thirties, actually go well with the general idea of the movie - they _were_ teenagers in the 1980s. OTOH, Theresa Palmer actually does a pretty good job of playing the "hot but normal" girl from the 80s, even though she was actually born in the 80s.

It's not a great comedy in general, it's too naïve, relies too much on stupid/crazy gags, the romantic element is all-too-predictable, there are no great insights into human behavior and things that were meant as "learning opportunities" seem too preachy... But, it's not bad, actually quite OK, in general.

So, it's a "teen comedy for grown-ups who were teens in the 80s". If you fit the bill, watch it, you'll have a great time. If not, you might not get the joke.

Reviewed by jacobsh-04936 6 / 10

Rom-com movie is better than you'd expect.

Take Me Home Tonight is a 2011 romantic-comedy movie that I had been meaning to see for a long time but just didn't get to. I only wanted to see it for two reasons: it looked bad, and Teresa Palmer looked really hot on the poster. So last night I saw the movie, and it was a lot better than I expected. A lot of the jokes do fall flat, and the storyline is a little dumb, but that is to be expected. The characters and most of the dialogue were actually pretty good, and I found myself enjoying the movie.

Reviewed by zkonedog 2 / 10

Kernal Of Emotion Lost In Pure Dreck

The main plot line of "Take Me Home Tonight" is one that should be compelling: college-grad loser decides to finally come out of his shell and enter the "real world". However, there are so many poor elements embedded in this movie that it completely overshadows what could have been a decent story.

For a basic plot summary, this film sees Matt Franklin (Topher Grace), a mathematical genius, wasting away his post-college life working at an outlet video rental store and never venturing much further out than that. When his old high school crush Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer) shows up, however, Matt decides to throw caution to the wind for one night to impress her.

There are two main problems with this movie: First, it is billed as a nostalgic comedy, but lives up to neither term. It was beaten to the "80s memories" punch by "Hot Tub Time Machine", and is utterly lacking in humor (I laughed twice the entire showing). So, the entire premise for the film fails miserably.

Can the acting save the day? Nope. Grace & Palmer are serviceable as the leads, but their characters are so ridiculous that it doesn't give them much room to act. Then, Anna Ferris is given the most shallow role of the whole film. It was almost as if the writers were shocked to have her name in the film, but then didn't know what to do with her. Whenever (at the brief moments) that this film actually makes you care, Ferris' plot line drags it right back down again.

Thus, I cannot recommend "Take Me Home Tonight" to any audiences. If you want some good 80s-nostalgia belly laughs, turn to "Hot Tub Time Machine" instead. This one will only let you down.

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