Texas Cotton


Crime / Mystery / Western

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 191

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Lew Temple as Joe
Jason Douglas as Mayor Kane
Tiffany Shepis as Deputy Alexa Boozer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iffor33 7 / 10

Texas Cotton...strange fruit....Very odd indeed

I had only got 49 minutes in to this movie and I had to stop and find out more about it. I discovered it on YouTube completely by accident under a really general list of 'free Action movies 2017'. I've probably transgressed some copywrite issues along with whoever put it up on their YouTube Chanel, somehow I don't think anyone is going to be losing out massively. I've got to say that I haven't even seen the whole thing, but I've had to put it on hold so that I can ascertain that I'm not losing my mind and it's not one of the funniest films that I have seen in years. For a start, it's billed as an action movie, which considering the overall tempo thus-far, brought about my first set of the giggles. I have to say that I can't fairly conclude my review at this stage, but at this juncture, I do SERIOUSLY want to ask: are they taking the mick? It reminds me very much of David Lynch. I'm not an expert of film genres or critique, but I do recognise the term 'noir' and literally translate it as 'dark'. I believe one of the reviews I have read here describes it as such. Were they taking the Micky too? I have really lost all sense of objectivity and I have to say that I think, whether it was meant to be, or not, that it is, beyond all doubt, one of the funniest films that I have seen in years. I will add to this review when I've watched the whole movie and manage to stop laughing.

Reviewed by flickconn 8 / 10

Great Texas Crime Movie

I love the Texas crime sub-genre and this is a great entry! I also love Troll 2 starring George Hardy and it was really cool to see him in a serious role here. It was confusing at first because I've only ever seen him in what's now famously the "Best Worst Movie" ever made but he works out well in this, even alongside legends like Lew Temple and Gene Jones.

Reviewed by johnapplebee-95947 10 / 10

A good watch

A very solid suspense/thriller with a heck of a twist. The sheriff carried the movie very well. I like how they mixed a little humor with it. A good watch

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