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Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 16848

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Linda Cardellini as Julie Ingram
Paul Walker as Ben Garvey
Piper Perabo as Lisa Garvey
Tony Curran as William Reeds
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ismaninb 4 / 10

Swiss cheese

To summarize: good acting, beautiful camera-work, lousy story with holes as big as in swiss cheese. To name a few: Ben gets the capital punishment for a robbery gone wrong, while he even did not wear a weapon. The evil shrink applies a program that violates a few laws but does not protect the computer on which the patient data are stored. We see a female psychiatrist being so unprofessional to make overtures to a patient - fortunately no sex involved. The evil shrink and his staff try to convince Ben that all this has been fantasy and hallucination. Still it takes Ben no effort at all to refind his dog in the nearest asylum. Somehow the movie managed a grip on me strong enough to sit through it to the cheesy end, but the main feeling afterwards is annoyance.

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 6 / 10

Paradoxical, complex, sometimes confused and lost, but effective in what it proposes to give us.

The screenplay follows the life of Ben, a former recluse, married and father of a girl, who will be involved with crime again, by necessity, after being fired. The film is quite emphatic at this point, showing his doubts and problems of conscience. Invariably caught in the act, he's sentenced to death and executed. From here, the film becomes confused, following Ben into a new life, as a gardener of an Oregon psychiatric institution. The mystery settles over what has happened to him and, in our mind, all the hypotheses are possible, from a strange and paranormal phenomenon to a crazy government conspiracy. It's clear, however, that he's confined to a specific place, a small town he cannot leave. The script has some holes and unclear issues, leaving a lot open, and we usually know as much as the main character. With me, this worked well, kept me focused and attentive. Paul Walker gave life to Ben and was competent in this task. In fact, for me (i'm never a fan of "Fast and Furious"), it's his best movie I've seen, to date. Bob Gunton also did a good work. Cinematography is enjoyable, but it doesn't bring anything extraordinary beyond some clever shooting angles.

This is one of those movies that leaves us not knowing what to think and not knowing how to talk about it. But I can say, to conclude without making spoil, that this film reminded me, to some extent, the famous "Shutter Island" with Leo DiCaprio, with the difference that the twists are less convincing and more predictable. But if you're willing to accept the film with it's flaws and paradoxes and simply get carried away by the story, I believe you'll be able to take advantage of what's best. It's not a brilliant movie, it's far, far from it... but it fits perfectly to enjoy some free time.

Reviewed by Martin 9 / 10

Very Underrated

It disturbs me to see many of these "reviews" on here. The film is designed to make the viewer think. If you do not wish to actually use your brain, don't watch this movie. Story line is great with maybe a few flaws, but no film is perfect. The plot brings to light the emotional and psychological toll life events can have on an individual. The film was steady paced up to the climax. Your attention is kept at the turn of every corner as a new piece to the puzzle is brought forward with doubt and mystery. Pay attention to the little things. I personally had the movie figured out about half way in. However, I happened to notice every small and subtle detail. In the end it is a story of morals, determination, and the fact that a persons past is what creates who they are. If you enjoy a story that makes you reflect back on your own life and experiences, give this film a watch. Keep an open and focused mind, and you will not be disappointed.

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