The Police Connection


Action / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 528

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Chuck Connors as William Dorn
Neville Brand as George Fromley
Vince Edwards as Lieutenant Geronimo Minneli
Bill Quinn as Sgt. Quinn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merklekranz 7 / 10

Two great evil performances ......

The concept of a serial rapist being the only one who can identify a serial bomber is what drives this exploitation shocker towards B movie greatness. Neville Brand, despicable as he is, assaulting and killing to satisfy his twisted sexual fantasies, is easily eclipsed by Chuck Conners as the mad bomber, on a crusade to avenge his daughter's death. These two great evil performances are the core of this film. What prevents "The Police Connection" from being a flat out classic is head police investigator Vince Edwards, who sleep walks through the entire movie, providing zero charisma. He most definitely is no "Dirty Harry". If you can find an unedited version, get it. You will be amazed. - MERK

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 7 / 10

Great trashy fun.

William Dorn (Chuck Connors) is an angry and disturbed man. Frustrated over the drug overdose of his daughter, he decides to strike back at anyone whom he's imagined was responsible for her death. But what he really wants to do is punish society at large. He'll even leave bombs at feminist gatherings. Determined to nail this paranoid villain is grouchy, hard nosed detective Geronimo Minelli (!) (Vince Edwards), the kind of guy who does anything it takes to get his man. That includes working with the one man who can identify Dorn, and HE turns out to be a rapist! George Fromley (Neville Brand) is loathe to cooperate with Minelli until he realizes what the cop is capable of.

Producer / director / screenwriter / cinematographer Bert I. Gordon (a.k.a. Mr. B.I.G.) is better known for his "giant monster" flicks of the 1950s, but this endlessly amusing pile of garbage that he's created deserves to be just as well known. He brings the sleaze in a major way; his movie is slow at times and crude, but undeniably a real hoot. Fans of 1970s exploitation will be delighted to note the abundance of nudity (provided by Ilona Wilson as Fromley's wife) and the wonderfully graphic gore. Of course, it's the acting that really brings this one to life. Edwards is good as the unrelenting protagonist, and Brand is a very effective creep. Hank Brandt, Christina Hart, and Ted Gehring co-star, but it's Connors who will command most of your attention. With an array of truly priceless facial expressions, he's a hysterically nutty bad guy. The icing on the cake is a music score by Michel Mention that's sometimes entertaining but is also hilariously AWFUL at other times. The movie establishes Dorn in a great way right up front, as he chastises a stranger for littering on the sidewalk.

Well worth seeing if you like your cop thrillers to be on the trashy side.

Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by frankdaft 10 / 10

A must see!!

This is one of the most disturbing and haunting films i have ever seen!!!! Seriously go and watch it,you can get it for five bucks on DVD. It's about a bloke who goes around bombing schools,hospitals etc,etc.There's also a rapist on the loose who is the only one who knows what the mad bomber looks like as he was raping a mute chick in the hospital just before hand,there's also a tough as nails cop on the trail of them both.

This film is WAY MORE than just typical sleazy exploitation,the scene where the mute girl uses sign language to describe how ashamed she feels and wants to die is harrowing,as is the mad bombers photographic flashbacks of his daughters death by over dosing(this scene uses really beautiful music,which also plays over the end credits) There's no happy ending in this film for anyone(except for the rest of the people in LA who don't die)

One of the best movies i have ever seen EVER,if you like flicks like Henry:portrait of a serial killer then watch The Mad Bomber. I GAURANTEE YOU WONT BE Disappointed :!: :!: :!:

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