The Warrant



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Neal McDonough as John Breaker
Steven R. McQueen as Cal Breaker
Annabeth Gish as Bonnie Breaker
Casper Van Dien as The Saint
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

His own private war

The war between the states is almost a decade over. But Casper Van Dien ain't accepting surrenders from nobody. He's got a private war being waged in the Missouri=Kansas border country and also making quite a profit at it as well.

The only ones going after him are Neal McDonough a Missouri sheriff and his son Steven R. McQueen a federal marshal. They all were friends at one time, but that's in the past.

The Warrant is an average western and no doubt will find its market in the red states. I was less than crazy about Van Dien as a villain.

Still his fans who date back to Starship Troopers should enjoy it.

Reviewed by refordgarry 5 / 10

Cheesy like a 1970s Western

The Warrant DID have some value - lovely, fine horses, authentic tackle, and riders that could ACTUALLY ride, with backwoods Civil War battles between Confed and Yankee footsoldiers. There was just something a bit phony about the setup, for example Hero, John Breaker, lacked that classical taciturn-ness - opting instead for 1970s "whimsical". But I did like, Steve McQueen, (grandson of his namesake) putting in a most solid performance, a face for the Future.

Reviewed by teepee-1 4 / 10

If it was worth doing, they should have done it right!

This movie is a throwback to the B-westerns of yesteryear. Trouble is, those old B-westerns are feats of epic cinema compared to this 2020 version of the American Western. And it's a shame, too. Here is THE vehicle that launched many an outstanding and treasured career - Wayne, Mitchum, Stewart, McQueen, Marvin, etc . . . Only these "leading" actors forgot to do their home work. The acting is "Al-Gore-wooden-like" as each actor struggles to strike their best pose to reveal their best side as they regurgitate their canned lines. There is no emotion or meaning to their words - they're just canned lines to be said, not communicated, just said. The Shea Sizemore screenplay makes sense, but it didn't get pulled together. The score adds nothing to the movie. In fact, at times it would be best if there were no score. I lay the quality of this film at the feet of the one to blame - Director Brent Christy. I apparently have never seen a Brent Christy-directed film - I hope I don't again. This film is all over the place, chasing it's tail. Siskel & Ebert - Beware!

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