Trump vs the Illuminati



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by diggnuts 8 / 10

Reminded me of simpler days.

This actually reminded me of the old radio plays, in this case a bit of Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy. You can forget the visuals. These are fun and competently made, but not the level of realism movie audiences expect today. Not that any of the high-octane action junkies criticizing this visual radio play could do any better I wager.

The story has that radio pace and the effects have that radio place feel. The images really are secondary and with your eyes closed, you actually do not miss much if anything.

It found it quite amusing.

Reviewed by zombipantz 1 / 10

Bad joke

If someone made this as a joke, then it was a bad joke. The animation and storyline are absolute garbage, trump should not be exposed to the world more than he already is. He is a cancer on society and now in your own living room.

Reviewed by dobly58 1 / 10

Low hanging fruit.

Nothing to glean from this odd mess. It might tickle those who still consider Trump to be Dracula or Godzilla. But it comes just in time for Hillary's declassified Russia scam to rear its head finally. That'll make a better movie. I hear Oliver Stone is writing it :-)

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